• How do I get internet access?
    Just visit the Computerreferat during the office hours. There we will add your name, room number and the computer's MAC address to our system. The days until the fifth of the following month the internet access will be for free. After this period the internet costs 5€ until the 5th of each month.

    You can find us here:


  • Bandwidth Limitations?
    There is no download limit but upload is limited to 4GB in 24 hours and 8GB in 72 hours.
  • What causes upload traffic?
    Usually upload is caused by filesharing (Torrent, Limewire, etc). But also streaming videos from websites like SopCast that use P2P (Youtube is safe!!!) and video telephony (Skype) could be responsible for high upload rates.

    Check this tutorial for tips on how to control your upload.

  • Why have I been blocked???
    There are several reasons why your account could have been suspended. Usually it's because you haven't paid, you are over the upload limit, because of "Switch Poisoning" or "MAC Spoofing".
  • I've just paid. Why am I still blocked???
    Computers will be unblocked 10 past every hour, e.g. 6:10 pm, 7:10pm....
  • What does MAC spoofing mean?
    MAC Spoofing is a technique of changing an assigned hardware address (MAC address) of a networked device to a different one. The changing of the assigned MAC address may allow the bypassing of access control lists on servers or routers, either hiding a computer on a network or allowing it to impersonate another computer.
  • What does Switch Poisoning mean?
    Switch poisoning is an attack on the switch the aiming to reset its routing tables. Usually that's being caused by viruses and other malware.